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Linking genetic variability with ecological responses to environmental changes: forest trees as model systems (LinkTree)

Consortium of seven partners from Spain (CIFOR-INIA, CIDE-CSIC), Italy (CNR-Firenze), France (INRA-BIOGECO, INRA-URFM), Germany (Philipps-University of Marburg) and Sweden (Uppsala University), with 35 researchers and a total project cost of 1,956,790 euros.

NOVELTREE PROJECT software pages

Noveltree software Pages (hosted in Firenze, Italy)

POPSIM (by Tim Mullin)

A decision support tool that simulates alternative tree breeding strategies under a parametric genetic model.
(Released: Mar 2011)

METAGENE (by Leopoldo Sanchez)

A simulation tool based on a finite loci approach for the optimization of breeding strategies.
(Released: Aug 2011)


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